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November 9, 2022

Fashion eCommerce UX case study: Strategies and UX website design for Vibin’hood

The story of Vibin'hood

Vibin’hood is a famous singer from the USA, the image of a singer with a guitar has made a mark in the hearts of the audience.

After receiving suggestions from his audience: “I want to buy your products as souvenirs”. Vibin’hood decided to create a website to sell his products to his fans. But the truth is, with his background as a famous singer, he has no experience as a UI UX designer. Therefore, he found the CEO of Capi Product – Bill Paxton to receive free business proposals about his business before deciding to work with Capi Product. This helps Vibin’hood determine if Capi Product is in line with his business goals.

Consulting business for Vibin'hood

To offer the best solutions, Bill Paxton had a meeting with Vibin'hood to understand his problems. After the conversation, we came up with some ideas for this project:

Idea 1: The website will be built based on the characteristics of his work. Therefore, we will emphasize his guitar image and brand name to create familiarity with his fans.

Idea 2: Because this website helps Vibin’hood connect with his fan club, Bill Paxton encourages the use of colors, layout, etc to express who he is: personality and uniqueness.

Idea 3: In the future, Vibin’hood will expand to more fans. Therefore, we decided to add a “Performance” function so that his music lovers can review his old videos.

Idea 4: For loyal fans, notifying the information about Vibin’hood concerts will make them feel: “Vibin’hood always cares about them”. So it was necessary to create Vibhood's notification so his fans could follow and support him.

To sum up, with the competitive advantage of the popularity of Vibin’hood and the market research of Capi Product, we found that:

At present, to compete in the field of Fashion Ecommerce, following the niche market to hit the retail market with high prices will be the most suitable strategy for Vibin’hood. In particular, Vibin'hood can sell things that he used to use during his tours such as clothing, jewels, accessory, or something

What Capi Product did 

After receiving and analyzing ideas, the UI UX designers of Capi and Vibin'hood have determined the main strategy of the website according to Vibin'hood's products as follows:

After that, the UI UX designers of Capi Product immediately built Style Guidelines in international standards for Vibinhood’s websites.

Result – Homepage

Hero section

In this section, we focus on showing the signature of Vibin'hood, the guitars. Moreover, The UI UX designers of Capi Product used sans-serif typefaces to create a sense of seriousness. Additionally, the overview of this page helps viewers' impression that they seem to have an invitation letter to attend a guitar concert one evening.


When the user's emotions are most comfortable is the time when they are easier to decide to buy than at any other time. That is the main reason why after the hero section, we have arranged the layout of the product lines of Vibin'hood.

Next, to increase user curiosity, the UI UX designers of Capi arranged “Limited Edition” with text strips. Leads users to questions: “What is this?”, “Is there something special here?”, etc.

To show that it’s an official website, as well as the product being sold is Vibinhood's own, Capi Product has arranged its demonstration videos after the above sections. In addition, this section can also rekindle fans' emotions during Vibinhood's outstanding performances.


It can be seen that Vibin'hood is a fairly new project for Capi Product. But we know that, by constantly consulting and working on new projects, our skills will be further enhanced.

If you also have an ambitious project. Feel free to contact us, we are ready to freely share our experience with your project and offer the best solutions for your business.

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