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October 13, 2022

Girltelligence - a wellbeing app. How to revive an app that got some bad feedback


Girltelligence - a wellbeing app for girls is where all girls from 13-25 and tailored by age over the world have the same points and are close-knit in the same community.

Girltelligence is aimed at girls who share certain thinking, interests, and behaviors, which is also the main reason why the community's app is mainly for 13-25 years old, the age is not too different in terms of perception.

In particular, they can help each other in enhancing the consciousness of girls in the community to change the political, economic, cultural, social, and environmental values of the community according to the trend in an increasingly better direction, ensuring conditions for everyone to develop together.

The story of Girltelligence

Naama Barnea – the CEO of Girltelligence lives in New York, and made a Girl's community with more than 10,000+ girls from over the world to support girl's life and thinking.

Unluckily, a year after its establishment, Girltelligence had trouble attracting new users and was receiving complaints about mobile UX design from current ones. Naama self-diagnosed her own company and concluded that the issues were:

  • Girltelligence only focused on attracting users with visual design.
  • No knowledge of UI UX design mobile app
  • Don't understand what girls need

She wanted to develop and succeed in building her community to help more girls feel confident and understand their rights in society. 

But, it seems to be a challenge for Naama Barnea, because she received a lot of user feedback about the mobile app that didn't match their insight.

It's a fact that Capi Product was not Naama's first choice. She had previously encountered a UI UX freelancer or agency that was unprofessional and made Girltelligence unusable. Therefore, she needs a great deal of investment to solve this situation and she has only 2 months to do everything to give to investors and prove that Girltelligence is a really valuable community app for girls.

The strategy of Capi Product for Girltelligence

After a meeting with the Account Executive at Capi Product and the CEO/Co-founder of Girltelligence, we were more understanding of Girltelligence's strategy and some problems. After discussion, Capi Product concluded that there would be 2 types of goals: short-term and long-term goals.

  • Short-term goal

+ Creating MVP of Girltelligence app for Naama Barnea to call to investments.  

  • Long-term goal

+ Redesign the Girltelligence app to fit with users' insight, increase traffic and make girls in the community feel comfortable in the mobile app.

Result of work

From the above strategies, Capi Product redesigned Girltelligence based on some online community-building tactics, like:

  1. Love at the first sight

First impressions play a vital role, this is a reason why Capi Product made a content design on the onboard screen: “You have more sisters than you think” creates a familiar feeling when users first experience Girtelligence's app. They will feel other girls like sisters in the family, so they can feel free to share their experiences and feelings, and they can trust that they will receive sympathy or support from other girls.

Moreover, since the age and personalities of the girls in the community are also diverse, to optimize the experience and cost of Naama Barnea, we recommend 2 options for users:

Capi Product got ideas and inspiration as follows:

  1. Moderate content, prevent inappropriate content

To build a strong community, we need specific guidelines to control what people can and can't post.

Because this is a community for girls aged 13-25, there will be some sensitive issues such as violence and sex. Therefore, there will be some policies to limit posting offensive photos to avoid affecting girls aged 13-18. And users can completely send a report to the admin to resolve if the images and content seriously affect individuals in the community.

In that case, the members of Capi Product created a “trigger warning” about sensitive topics, and the girls could choose to click to see or skip.

Besides, to avoid seeding or commenting in the form of just to increase interaction, Girltelligence requires that posts and comments must be at least 10 characters.

However, Capi Product also suggested to Girltelligence not to rigidly force the rules but to promote the common sense of the members. For example, if a member doesn't follow Girltelligence's guidelines, moderators can private message to discuss details and then deal with it accordingly.

In addition, it is extremely important to put the Girltelligence community with girls at the center. Because the age of young girls is 13-25 years old, they are still in the age of discovery and rebelliousness, so instead of completely banning certain types of content. Ideally, online community spaces should evoke a sense of confidence, and a sense of community in members. As for the contributions of highly appreciated members, they are free to post without worrying about penalties or reports.

The community standard of measurement here should be: “Does the content add value to the girls in the community?”.

  1. The classification of users based on the behavior

There are many types of members active in the same online community, from introverted users to extroverted ones. Therefore, the interaction in the community of Girltelligence is also proposed by Capi Product to be adjusted to fit the needs of the members.

When posting content or images, they can post in the form of a Public user or an Anonymous user.

  1. Encourage users to respond quickly and positively

When girls share stories and post issues, they tend to want and need quick and positive responses. Therefore, Girltelligence's app must ensure that other girls know their concerns and respond to them properly.

In addition, based on Capi Product's experience, there is a general rule for building an online community that is not to leave a question unanswered in the community for more than 24 hours. So, Capi Product built a filter with 5 features to make it easy to interact with other girls.

  1. Encourage users to post funny and entertaining content in an attractive format

Online communities will increase in value significantly if they can add joy to the lives of their members. As a result, the internal community management team can share interesting and engaging content. However, never overload the community with promotional content.

Challenges of Capi Product 

Because Girltelligence is a community for girls from 13-25 years old around the world to share their lives, and experiences, and answer sensitive questions about women. Therefore, initially, it was very difficult to interview users, because it was not possible to interview all of the more than 10,000 girls in the community as well as some problems related to the language barrier that could not be interviewed. Directly consult to test the UI UX part of Girltelligence more diversely.

That is also the main reason why at the beginning of the project, Capi Product and the CEO/co-founder of Girltelligence - Naama had conflicts related to customer experience in terms of color, font, and layout of mobile apps.

Then to solve this problem and convince Naama that Capi Product’s proposals will add value to her community. Capi Product surveyed former Girltelligence users:

After the interview, we realized that because the users' age range is from 13-25, so they have too many colors, type pages, and layout requirements.

After that, Capi Product was based on the survey and used the “Double Diamond” method to consider the most feasible option for users.

Double Diamond (design process model) - Wikipedia


Through usability testing, we have successfully won the heart of the business owner and users with more than 80% of users giving the prototype positive feedback.

After this project, we learned how to improve our interviewing skills with many girls around the world between the ages of 13-25 to better understand their insights.

If you are also facing the problem of mobile apps losing traffic, contact us to get our support!

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