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October 27, 2022

How did Tinder lead their users and made almost 2 billion dollars in just 2021?

Tinder has over 75 million active users all over the world.  Almost 8 million of them are from the US which means: at least 1 out of every 40 people in the US uses tinder. There is least almost 2 billion swipes were made in just one day on Tinder. These crazy numbers undoubtedly make Tinder the king of dating apps with 32.32% of market shares, more than 10% of the 2nd Bumble. One of the coolest things about this app is swiping right and left to like or unlike someone. A lot of Tinder's competitors like Bumble, Hinge, and OK Cupid,...  have copied this and made it a standard for every mobile dating app on the market. This explains why developing a user experience is so important, and once it's ingrained in user habits, it's hard to change.

Join us in Tinder with the UX analytics and operator running behind the #1 dating app in this article


Mobile app onboarding shows the process that new users need to take before they begin to use an app. This process can include educating new users, collecting consenting user information, or guiding users to register. In short, Onboarding is the content your customer encountered when first opening the app.

A comprehensive app onboarding experience can make the difference between apps with staying power versus those that end up being forgotten just by 1st or 2nd use. 

At the login, screen Tinder provides users with 3 basic and popular options, which are to log in with Gmail and Facebook or phone number

In general, Tinder's login screen is not too different from other mobile apps. One thing you should notice is that when you sign in via your phone, the Tinder Mobile app will automatically suggest the user a login form based on their device. For example, for Andorid it will suggest signing in with google first, in the case of IOS, it is Apple. In addition, a small detail that shows convenience to users is the self-filling OTP (One-time password) code.

Auto filled OTP is just magic for users.

Lesson learned: the user's focus is limited and so is their time. You should consider the information that is really important and familiar depending on the target users of your mobile app. Users are becoming increasingly lazy and being able to automate small processes will also score points.

Personal Information

Once you've completed the login process, this is where you provide your personal information to create a profile on Tinder. Creating a profile is simple when you just need to fill in basic information about yourself, but Tinder even knows how to make it simpler when dividing fields in a profile into different screens. This will generally make the whole process look simpler to people. In addition, the red bar representing the information-filling process also creates the feeling that the user does not want to stop when he has filled in 1 2 information.


Many users will feel overwhelmed with information on this screen when there are so many genders that they don't even know how to pronounce it. However, showing such complete information is understandable because Tinder or any other business of course don’t want to limit their target user. Moreover, Tinder is a dating app so this also helps to avoid unnecessary confusion.

A minus point of this screen is that even though you have selected the gender in the previous screen, you still have to choose the people of the gender you want to see in the Show me section. This screen can be completely skipped if the user has selected Straight in the previous screen.

The right screen could be removed.

Another losing point is that choosing a photo can be confusing for anyone who never used a dating app before. They may wonder what photos to choose and how many should be reasonable. Tinder can better guide users by giving tips such as: Choosing a photo that shows your entire face, a pet photo at the end, for example.

Let’s start swiping

Finally after filling in all the basic information, and a short instruction on how to view other profiles, we can now join the love battlefield. The fact that you can decide you're a good match for someone just by their looks has made Tinder a controversial app. However, it only takes 5 seconds to find the next "fit" person, which is really addictive to users. It's like reading the newsfeed on Facebook, you just scroll down until you find a good article and actually read it and make actions like commenting or sharing.

Quote: “A good product is not 100% guaranteed of successful, the successful one is the one that makes users continue to use it unconsciously, like a habit”

See who likes you

After getting used to swiping right and left and liking some people, you may wonder if your profile is being liked. At times like this “See who likes you” shows up and satisfies your thirst. Of course, having to spend some money will make users hesitate, but because they have previously been familiar with Tinder's system and have a better feeling about themselves when someone has liked them.

In addition to that, the blurred image of people who like you is like an itch that needs to be scratched. It stimulates users' curiosity, and when it's itchy enough, they will consider buying Tinder Gold.

Tinder Gold, the Tinder's gold mine

This is called the Curiosity Gap which is the space between the information we're given (we know that someone like us) and the information that's initially withheld (we don’t really who is it). You can easily see this trick in almost every news title out there. This is often used in marketing campaigns. Tinder has indeed been very clever in applying it to the user flow and increasing the conversion rate of users purchasing their services.

This makes Tinder a master in guiding user flow and explains how did they earn $2 Billion in just 2021.


As you can see, Tinder knows human nature very well. They successfully apply different psychological techniques and behavioral principles to guide them. And in an era where user experience is gradually transcending satisfaction, principles, though small, when applied correctly will bring unexpected successes.

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