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October 8, 2022

How to deal with the complaints about your mobile UX design


Mobile UX design is now regarded as remarkable, coupled with website design development. Therefore, the mobile platform greatly influences the design and offers a positive user experience. So what is mobile UX design? Why do people dislike your mobile UX design? How to deal with the complaints about your mobile UX design.

Let Capi Product find the answer in the comments below.

What is mobile UX design?

Mobile UX Design (Mobile User Experience Design) is known as designing for mobile devices with a focus on individualized user experiences. Including both good and bad experiences and emotional experiences. It is no doubt that resolving the complaints about your mobile UX design brings efficiency to reaching potential customers.

Mobile UX Design creates an interesting digital product with aiming to interact and provide relevant, meaningful experiences. Simply, it researches user behavior, attitude, and gender to make interface design to optimize the user experience. This platform can be some kind of software or an application. Covers different aspects such as interaction, audio, content, etc.

The object of special attention when designing mobile UX design is the user. The experiences created need to be effectively personalized. Compelling enough to keep users engaged.

Why do users dislike your mobile UX design? How to deal with the complaints about your mobile UX design

Poor navigation

What are the complaints about your mobile UX design about poor navigation? It occurs when users struggle to find what they're seeking or they get lost on the way from point A to point B.


Some reasons for poor navigation:

  • Lack of color contrast between sections.
  • Insufficient visual cues for user navigation.
  • Multiple screens in the middle of each page.

There are a few things you can do to fix the complaints about your mobile UX design:

  • Make sure you’re using tabs instead of drop-down menus
  • Use scrolling instead of pagination
  • Make sure your links are easy to read and understand

Do not care about user behavior

Mobile UX design is now almost full-screen touch screens so users will need to operate their fingers across the entire screen. The complaints about your mobile UX design because using your users may be confused by the small touch control areas.

The users who we observed touching their phone's screens or buttons held their phones in three basic ways:

One-handed - 49%

Cradled - 36%

Two-handed - 15%

Source: uxmatters

Here are a few resolves the complaints about your mobile UX design:

  • To make sure that your fingers don't obscure important content or make buttons users would need to reach difficult to press, once you've created a mobile UX design, you should put all information (content, buttons, etc) on a mobile device or another object with similar dimensions and hold it in all of the ways that users would be likely to hold it.
  • Use touch controls that are commonly used on mobile devices so that customers can understand them. Examples are types of swipe, touch to switch the screen, and zoom in and out of the screen with gestures.

Using inappropriate colors

Some reasons why appear the complaints about your mobile UX design:

  • The users could have negative feelings, such as anxiety, fear, or temper when using your mobile app
  • The users dislike your app only by the main color of the mobile app. For example, If your app is mostly light pink, adult men will be shy to use your app

This can be explained by experts in psychology who have studied the influence of color on people's moods and behaviors. The user's mind reacts to color when in reality not everyone notices it.

Each color used in the design has its meaning, here are some colors you can refer to deep understand:


This is the color of happiness that symbolizes sunlight, joy, and warmth. In mobile UX design, yellow is arguably the most visible color. Moreover, it carries the strongest psychological connotations. Users who see yellow in the design can feel excited and confident.

Although, too much yellow can bring about negative reactions such as feelings of anxiety or fear.


Often called the color of nature, balance, and harmony. Green gives a feeling of relaxation and freshness. In addition, it is a sign of growth but also means inexperience in mobile UX design.

It has more positive energy than most other colors, but it is sometimes associated with materialism. The green design fits perfectly with nature-related products.


It often represents credibility, and reliability, or gives the user a feeling of relaxation.

On the other hand, because it is a cold color, it is often associated with distance and sadness, so your mobile UX design needs to keep it in balance.


In design, the use of red is an effective way to attract the user's attention.

However, if your mobile app uses too much red, it will also easily cause negative reactions such as anger and temper.


This is the color of safety and protection like Mother Earth. Designers often use brown as a background color with many shades, from very light to dark. It gives a warm and comfortable feel to the design. Alternatively, it can be used to express experience and assurance.

However, in mobile UX design, it is the least favorite color among both men (27%) and women (20%).

Lesser favorite color in mobile UX design

id mau sac trong thiet ke anh huong the nao den hanh dong cua nguoi dung 14

Source of charts

When creating an app, it is important to consider the color preferences of the target audience, as it helps to avoid negative reactions and reduce the complaints about your mobile UX design.

To summarize, to convey the right message, your mobile app needs to understand the meaning and influence of color in the design.

The font is the wrong standard in mobile UX design

Using too many different fonts at once.

An important purpose of using more than one font is to create emphasis or to distinguish different parts of the text.

When using too many fonts, the page design becomes confusing and the reader cannot distinguish what is important. Hence, they could complain about your mobile UX design.

Using all capital letters completely prevents reading

Capital letters are difficult to read because the height and bottom are the same, there is no slope up and down, when reading the comb will be slippery and can't be remembered. The complaints about your mobile UX design will happen.

You should stop capital letters in headlines, and advertising content just because of the need for legibility. And, lowercase letters give the best readability signals, as there are lines that rise and fall within the stroke. In addition, using both uppercase and lowercase letters is a standard feature of typing and it is an agreement that readers are familiar with.

There is no contrast between the background and the text

When the contrast between the background and the text is not enough, the text sinks into the background, making it difficult to read.

White text on a black background – strong contrast, dazzling, and difficult to read

Should use black text on white background – easiest to read

Inconsistency in mobile UX design

If your app is available on both websites and mobile devices, provide a consistent user experience. That means you should have the same interface, decoration, fonts, and colors for both the website and the app.

When designing a mobile app, displaying all information on the application app interface is not necessary. Organize your content in a way that gives users a clear understanding of the features available on the app.

Reduce clutter and keep content minimal on the screen. If you don’t want your users to have some complaints about your mobile UX design, please remove unnecessary information and elements on the application interface.

A standard mobile UX design has to use icons and appropriate colors and comes with standard, easy-to-recognize buttons, and icons. This will help your customers adapt more quickly.

Case study of Girltelligence redesigned mobile UX design

The challenge of Girltelligence

Naama brought up some issues she had about Girltelligence when she initially arrived at Capi Product. A year after its inception, Grltelligence had trouble attracting new users and was receiving complaints about mobile UX design from current ones.

Naama self-diagnosed her own company and concluded that the issues were an unappealing user interface and user experience and that the only way to fix mobile UX design was to partially redesign the mobile app.

The solutions of Capi Product

Because Girltelligence is a community mobile app for girls aged 16 -30, so Capi Product said to Naama that “We should redesign the app following the complaints about your mobile UX design”, like:

For color, Capi Product asked that instead of choosing dark pink color images and buttons, Girltelligence should use purple buttons, because according to a survey of experts in the design industry and psychology, as in the section "Favorite color in mobile UX design", purple is the favorite color of women, accounting for 23%.

Favorite color in mobile UX design

id mau sac trong thiet ke anh huong the nao den hanh dong cua nguoi dung 13

Source of charts

Regarding fonts, Capi Product has prioritized using serif to show the softness and femininity of women instead of san-serif expressing rigidness.

Regarding user behavior, after surveying, Capi Product has decided to change the position of the "Next" button in the upper right corner of the screen, to the "arrow" icon placed in the center position. Because the location of "next" will cause difficulties when users only use the phone with one hand.

Additionally, Capi Product added a "Skip" button, if the user doesn't want to read all 5 pieces of information, they can easily skip them. This also can reduce the complaints about your mobile UX design.

Besides, there are some other changes, you can read more details here

The results of Girltelligence

With more than 80% of users providing the prototype positive feedback, we were able to win over the business owner and the users through usability testing.


The above is how Capi Product suggested with some businesses having difficulty in how to deal with the complaints about their mobile UX design, more specifically the case study of Girltelligence was designed by Capi Product

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