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September 20, 2022

UI UX design agency vs freelancer: Pros and Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of a UI UX design agency and freelancer are a protracted discussion about launching new projects and products.

The benefits of website and mobile app design are being recognized by business owners more and more these days.

That's the reason why more and more businesses decided to hire a UI UX design agency or freelancer on the projects.

In this article, I'll share the pros and cons of a UI UX design agency vs freelancer to help your business choose more accurately following our experience. 

First of all, before deciding on doing a project, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How much money can I spend on my project? 
  • How complicated is my project?
  • Is my project urgently needed?
  • Do I have an internal UI UX design supervisor?

How much money can I spend on my project? 


A UI UX design freelancer may offer a project per-hour rate rather than a full-time one. Freelancers are typically much more productive than office workers since they work on their own schedules.

Although it depends on the perception, in general, freelancers are the least expensive alternative and charge far less than a professional agency.


Working with a UI UX design agency is typically more expensive for any given service than using a freelancer. 

However, it can be claimed that a UX UI design agency offers the best value for your money because they can combine multiple services and efficiently operate as a team to complete deliverables in the shortest amount of time feasible.

How complicated is my project?


Another personal opinion, having extraordinary talent in a particular skill set is frequently the driving force behind someone's decision to work independently. For instance, if your web or mobile project requires a landing page, you can hire a freelancer who specializes in this one.

However, because you give a freelancer a specific assignment to perform, therefore, if your business faces unforeseen adjustments or alterations to your project, which could not avoid in the fact, puts you at a disadvantage when working with a freelancer.


The biggest advantage of hiring a professional agency is access to an entire multi-faceted team that can cover all of your design, development, and business proposal. 

Furthermore, every aspect of the project is delivered by a team, the end product is more consistent and standard than if you hire several freelancers who don't work together.

While some of the small tasks can be handled by a UI UX design freelancer quickly, full-scale solutions are delivered by a UI UX agency working together to produce much better results.

Is my project urgently needed?


The biggest advantage of hiring a freelancer is their flexibility and lack of a 9-to-5 schedule. They also enjoy having an unstructured workday, which is why they first chose to work for themselves.

This will come in handy if you encounter a potential issue late at night or on the weekend. A professional UI designer, for instance, may handle your projects right away. But, they might charge you extra for working evenings or weekends.

No matter how skilled, competent, and committed a freelancer is, unforeseen setbacks like illness, time zone differences, or family emergencies can derail your goals.

Working with a reputable agency reduces this risk because they have the resources to cover for lost workers while still meeting your deadlines.


Professional agencies have amassed invaluable knowledge by collaborating to provide their clients with complete, high-quality projects.

They have a workflow, they can work to one another's strengths, and they can accurately anticipate the time and resources needed to accomplish your goals.

A credible agency will respond to your requests much more promptly if you have a short deadline.

A UI UX consultancy might not have the flexibility you require if your company operates with irregular hours.

Besides, your main designers may be unavailable when your business has an emergency since they are attending team meetings with potential businesses or outsiding of official hours.

Do I have an internal UI UX design supervisor?

Finding a skilled freelancer will result in more productivity and reduced expenses if your business currently has an in-house UI UX design supervisor. 

However, because freelancers are traditionally accustomed to working independently, they could encounter certain challenges while collaborating on design internally.


In general, a UI UX design freelancer works best when engaged for specialized tasks, but a UI UX design agency excels at providing comprehensive digital solutions, especially when the project isn't fully specified.

Depending on your project and needs, you should hire a UI UX design agency or freelancer.

For Capi Product, always flexes with the operations and fundamental philosophy of your business to deliver customized solutions with the freedom of a UI UX freelancer and the expertise of a professional agency.

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