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November 8, 2022

What is the difference between website UX design and website design?

Websites that operate effectively, easily, and reliably are appreciated by all users. Therefore, when designing a website, your business may be wondering: What is the best choice: Website UX design or Website design? 

So, what is website UX design? what is website design? what is the difference between website UX design and website design? There are certain clear distinctions between UX design and web design, which should coexist as complementing parts.

In this article, Capi Product focus on the differences between web UX design and web design to support your business decision better.

What is website UX design?

Website UX design stand for website user experience design is another area of web design. UX focuses on handling behavior and user experience on the website

Website UX design includes an overview, research, strategy & Concepting, user testing, design, and delivery.

While it can be tempting to get right into building solutions, website UX design puts the user or customer first to fully comprehend their habits, wants, behaviors, motivations, and emotions.

To prototype and iterate on ideas, a website UX designer must have a thorough understanding of the issue and the audience. If they haven't spoken to actual users, they aren't performing UX design!

What is website design?

Web design is an industry concerned with the visual design and usability of websites. Web design is a broad concept, it includes UX, UI, and many other fields.

If a web page takes too long to load, it may contain too much content or its content is too complex. To optimize load times, web designers can optimize images, adjust the content, crop redundant content, and more.

The website might be web-based graphic designers or developers with the expertise to produce seemingly appealing websites. Moreover, they tend not to take the human-centered approach to UX design.

What is the difference between website UX design and website design?

To answer this question, Capi Product will divide it into 3 main sections: Mission, Skill, and Standards of work results to show more detail the difference between website UX design and website design.

Let’s jump in! 


Website design

Web designers are the people responsible for creating the latest trending website content. They work with the layout design, aesthetics, utility, and functionality of a website or application.

Web designer takes care of many things, including UI and UX. Web designers are tasked with designing an effective website with full functionality, allowing people to easily interact via computer or smartphone. Sometimes, Web Designers often focus on the aesthetics of the website rather than the user experience.

Website UX design

Website UX designers handle part of the web design process. And this process will start before the product reaches the customer

Website UX Designer deeply researches customers' preferences, behaviors, habits, requirements, and emotions. Through understanding customers, understanding the problem comprehensively. From there, give reasonable solutions and optimize the problem.


Website design

A web design specialist needs to have in-depth knowledge of programming languages (HTML, CSS ...), scripting languages JavaScript and PHP, and design tools such as Flash, and Photoshop ...

To do his job well, a website designer needs to focus on several aspects such as color theory, imagination, creativity, flowchart, interaction, rotation, drop-down menu, digital presentation, Call-to-action buttons, forms, icon development, infographics, typography, etc.

Website UX design

A good UX designer will also possess fluent and agile communication skills to be able to survey and understand users optimally. Besides, website UX designers need to create lean products, prototype quickly, etc. At the same time, they also need to possess skills in using related software.

UX Designer plays a very important role in the web design process. They take responsibility for ensuring that customers have a comfortable experience with the website in particular and the brand in general. So, the work of a UX Designer will focus on user psychology, product specification, appropriate interaction models, product personalization through user surveys, collaboration with UI designers to create practical and engaging designs…

Standards of work results

Website design

A website designer's starting point can be a visual designer with the full aptitude and ability to create beautiful websites or applications that meet aesthetic criteria. Besides, most web designers don't go as deep into user experience as UX designers.

Website UX design

UX Designer uses all the elements that can provide a user experience. Customer experience refers to the connection between the customer and the service or product. At that point, UX designers will focus on looking at all the different components that shape the experience. From there, they will consider the customer's feelings corresponding to those experiences.

What is the best choice: Website UX design and Website design?

To know whether to choose a website UX design or website design, your business needs to self-diagnose the problem of the website, based on some of the following suggestions to make it easier for deciding:

Should hire a website designer, if:

  • The website is not responsive (low performance of the website on mobile devices).
  • The website looks outdated.
  • Low-quality graphics.
  • Customers do not visit the websites that the business or organization wants.
  • Customer retention time on the website is too short.

Should hire a website UX designer, if:

  • Poor conversion rate (many people visit but the number of people interacting and leaving information is low).
  • High bounce rate (visitors exit the page in seconds).
  • The user did not finalize the content (video or blog).
  • Salary access fragmentation. That is, the user leaves after viewing a page instead of forwarding to other pages on the same website.


Website UX design provides psychology to better understand people's motivations and thought processes. Most web designers don't go as far as website UX designers in considering all the variables. Web design is frequently less iterative than website UX design, which focuses on making continuous innovation.

Whichever direction you take, it's critical to keep in mind that design is about more than just aesthetics. Design is about problem-solving, communication, and people.

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