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November 15, 2022

Which business is the best for startup? What business will grow in 2023 and beyond? (Part 2)

Following the pandemic time of market changes, everyone has access to new business opportunities. Therefore, entrepreneurs will make a sensible decision if they choose to grasp the right market demand before investing.

In this post “Which business is the best for startup? What business will grow in 2023 and beyond? (Part 2)”, Capi Product will suggest 2 fields and a lot of examples of user interface (UI) design concepts that entrepreneurs should invest in 2023 and beyond. 

Let’s jump into it!

3. Blockchain-related business

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been around for over a decade. But many investors say, “we are at the tip of the iceberg in terms of the long-term potential of cryptocurrencies.”

The globe is embracing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, particularly around 2020–2022, which has historically recorded a large fluctuation in the price of Bitcoin. The number of users adopting cryptocurrencies is rising, companies are increasingly accepting them as payment, and institutions are maintaining cryptocurrencies on their Balance Sheets.

More specifically, every year there are more Bitcoin ATMs installed worldwide.  In 2016, there were only 536 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide, but, in 2021, it's recorded 34,219, an increase of nearly 63.8 times compared to 2016.

Source: Buy Bitcoin Worldwide

As an entrepreneur interested in launching a cryptocurrency firm, it is clear that the market for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related businesses is still expanding.

What does this mean for investors? There are thousands of potential blockchain-related business ideas and dozens of ways to make money from crypto and blockchain in the near future. 

All blockchain-related business income begins with the right idea. Below we’ll highlight some of the best blockchain-related business ideas that entrepreneurs can start right now. These company concepts are predicted to grow in 2023 and beyond.

Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange

For those entrepreneurs with big aspirations, users can purchase and sell cryptocurrency using your platform if they decide to start their own cryptocurrency exchange business. You’ll generate revenue through transactional fees for deposits, withdrawals, trades, and transfers.

Start a Crypto Payment Gateway
There is a growing need for businesses to accept cryptocurrency as acceptance rates of cryptocurrencies increase globally.

Similar to credit card processing, using these alternative payment options requires businesses to work with a third-party operator. That’s where you can step in and fulfill this growing need.

This type of crypto business makes money through transactional fees, account setup fees, and subscriptions for providing merchant services to clients.

Quick UI Concepts for Cryptocurrency Mobile App 

CaKrypto – Mobile App UI Concept

Source: Capi Product

We're going to offer our most recent findings regarding financial dashboards, a finance app is called CaKrypto. 

Finance – Mobile App UI concept

Source: Capi Product

We're going to provide our most recent research on financial onboard and homepage with transparent screen design – this is an amazing design. Users could be able to manage their money with a visa card and make payments any time they want for anything they like.

4. eCommerce

It seems that wherever you look on the internet today, eCommerce is everywhere – and that’s because it is.

Online shopping or “eCommerce” has grown significantly in the last several years, with more and more customers preferring to shop online rather than in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Before 2020, eCommerce was booming when many people were stuck at home and had to turn to the online world to do most – or all – of their shopping. 

As a result, the market has erupted beyond all prior predictions.

E-Commerce net sales of from 2014 to 2022 (in million US-Dollar)

Source: Statista

Shopify Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Source: MarketplacePulse

To have a competitive advantage with the position of the following, digital solutions need to actually stand out and hit the right pain point of the customer. Or entrepreneurs might focus on a sole field and become leaders in this particular market niche.

Quick UI Concepts for eCommerce

Cosmetic eCommerce – Mobile App UI Concept

Source: Capi Product

E-commerce apps struggle to distinguish themselves from each other because they lack a unique design and user experience focus. This Ui concept is focused mainly on cosmetic items like eye creams or hair serums for both genders. 

Fashion eCommerce For Woman – Mobile App UI concept

Source: Capi Product

E-commerce app offers goods. It is intended to appeal to all generations and is made for them.

Most e-commerce apps have the drawback of being monotonous. E-commerce apps struggle to distinguish out from the competition because they lack a distinctive design or user experience.

With a novel approach in mind, this app was created to be straightforward yet visually appealing with transparent screens.


It can be seen that the pandemic has greatly affected the trends of the market as well as the behavior and habits of users. After the pandemic, entrepreneurs may face certain difficulties. Besides, it also opens up investment opportunities for entrepreneurs to seize opportunities and lead the trend.

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