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October 26, 2022

Why is TikTok a good UX design? What could your business learn from UX TikTok design?

Currently, there are many different strategies to improve products such as technology and user interface. But in the end, the core value of the product is to optimize the user experience, this is a vital reason why the UX design (User experience design) industry is increasingly interested in a lot of businesses.

From How is TikTok different from YouTube UX design for mobile app?, Capi Product analyzed TikTok's Home Screen from the perspective of a UX designer, showing that "with the position of a latecomer, TikTok has also had success in UX design for the mobile app when it has focused on the niche market that is more concentrated on content creators with short videos, creating equal competition between new and old content creators”. Moreover, TikTok has shown that it’s an application that really understands its users and has optimized for young people with short videos from up to 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 10 minutes to be able to compete directly with other platforms, especially Facebook and Youtube.

Below, Capi Product will share from the perspective of a UX designer, to answer: Why is TikTok a good UX design? What could your business learn from UX TikTok design?

Why is TikTok a good UX design?

TikTok is a good UX design with Home Screen

From “How is TikTok different from YouTube's UX design for mobile apps?” “It can be seen that TikTok has had a certain interest in video content creators (KOLs, KOCs, etc) by increasing viewers' attention to reactions with new videos that have quality content and can completely compete with other long-standing KOLs, and KOCs. However, this can easily be offensive to viewers, if the video is over-marketed and appears in a way that the user control”.

On the home screen, Shou Zi Chew - Co-founder of TikTok has hit the right user insight of young people, creating a competitive advantage over pre-existing apps like Facebook or Youtube, when the user experience is optimized. So, this shows that TikTok is a good UX design. 

TikTok is a good UX design with Find Friends

Find friends screen

Facebook currently only supports "Find friends" through contacts, while on Youtube, there is no feature to support finding friends. With the position of a latecomer, taking advantage of other platforms for development is the right strategy for TikTok is a good UX design, when combining the connection of other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, contacts, and even promotion of the app. In addition, the app support users to invite friends who have not registered on TikTok based on customers' contacts to increase traffic for the TikTok app.

Moreover, “Suggest accounts” are suggested so that users can interact with other users. Besides, placing the "X" icon gives the feeling of users that they have the right to decide whether to follow that user or not. This is also optimal for TikTok - is a good UX design, if a user is removed from the list, another user will immediately appear, resulting in more opportunities to follow other KOLs and KOCs who have optimized avatars and names.

At the first glance, it can be noticed that TikTok is a good UX design for finding friends from other platforms, especially Facebook friends, when placing "Facebook friends" in the middle with the button "Find" with red fill – a color that shows standing out, drawing attention, and encouraging action. In addition, comparing the “Find” and “Follow” buttons can easily see that the “Find” button is more prominent.

TikTok is a good UX design with Direct Messenger

Direct Messenger screen - Tiktok & Facebook

This is a new feature when compared to Youtube, but there are similarities with Facebook.

In this section, TikTok is a good UX design that has optimized for users when there is a synchronization of navigation from home to direct messenger, which makes it easier for users to remember the features.

For Facebook Direct Messenger, there is a poor arrangement when both the horizontal and vertical bars are avatars of people who used to chat, which will overload the content on 1 screen of the messenger. This has been further optimized by TikTok is a good UX design by changing the horizontal bar to “story videos” – videos posted in 24 hours. With this feature, TikTok does not need to change its navigation to add the “Stories” item as a Facebook and limit the interaction repetition of information.

Ad placement, in TikTok, the priority is to place ads at the top, this may please customers to use TikTok's advertising service but may cause discomfort to users when they go to the Direct Messenger Screen to communicate with friends, not make purchases. In this screen, Facebook did a better job by arranging ads more logically when inserting ads between private messengers.

TikTok is a good UX design with Inbox

Inbox screen and buttons role

It can be seen that the content of TikTok Inbox has been designed to be simple but informative and easy to use when compared to Facebook which has too much navigation information in the message. In the fact, users will go to the message section to chat and share with friends. Therefore, the amount of information the users will receive is too much, if navigation contains too much content, it can inhibit the users.

Moreover, suggesting messages can also be considered a good UX design of TikTok compared to Facebook when users are stuck in replying to messages.

What could your business learn from UX TikTok design?


First of all your business needs a vision detail project, like TikTok is a good UX design, from the beginning they have determined to be an app for young people, a place for young people to share their lives in the form of a short video. This is a niche market, because, at that time, YouTube was already a huge application for sharing videos and Facebook was built in the form of a community for everyone.

Research market

Tiktok is slowly improving to match users' insights, as evidenced by adjusting the video time from a maximum of 1 minute to 3 minutes to 10 minutes. So when your business has an idea new, it is necessary to research the market and slowly change them to users can adapt to the changes in technology and design.


Before starting to design the app, your company first needs to study the wireframe, users flow and MVP to be able to optimize the features, limit the features that cause information interference, and create the synchronization of the screens to avoid making sudden changes to users thereby increasing the time users use your app.


It is no doubt that a key reason why TikTok is a good UX design is that it has succeeded to focus on the niche market and optimization with GenZ insight that can help TikTok become a trend for young people and have more growth in the future. Your projects can also learn from the success of TikTok and apply it to build successful businesses and communities.

The above is Capi Product's personal view from the perspective of a UI UX designer. Looking forward to receiving everyone's feedback and suggestions from Capi Product’s point of view.

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