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September 15, 2022

Why you should creating an app for your business

In 2022, stats provided by Statista show that more than 6,5 billion people in the world have a smartphone for themself, so if this crazy number did not convince you to start creating an app for your business, let us tell you the other reasons.

Creating an Android/IOS app means your sales will rise

By 2018, it was found that start-ups can increase their revenue by 34% by using digital-first strategies (IDC, 2018). In the old days, you would need a wholesome sales team to sell your products or services, but now with just an app, you can make thousands of dollars without having to do anything. No matter what you are providing: food or financial services, you always need a way for customers to reach your business. And nothing does that better than an app nowadays. People are doing their online shopping every second as you are reading this blog post. An app nowadays is like a salesman who can deal with thousands of buyers simultaneously without being overloaded. Not to mention it can even collect data to help you grow your business more. In short, creating an app for your business is like sharpening your weapon before going to the battlefield. 

Be visible to customers at all times

The cost of creating an app might seem like a hinder for you to start creating an app right away but there is another number you might want to carefully consider as well. Statistics show that Brazilians spend more than 5 hours every day on their mobile device (ranked 1st in the world). So whether you might admit it or not, the smartphone is slowly becoming a  part of our life. Most people can’t even live without it. So how could this affect your business? In the era that a person is being fed hundreds of information in just one day through their smartphone, you will want to be a part of that information and the best way to get their attention is a well-designed mobile app.

Get ahead of your competition

One of the important benefits of building an app from scratch is that it will make you keep up with others' companies.

Apps are very relevant in modern technology today, and using them for business is quickly becoming a trend. Still, it hasn’t quite taken off across the entire board yet, allowing you to get the edge over any competition. Just keep in mind you don’t create an app not only because you want to keep pace with the competitors. Just keep in mind that, since there will be tons of apps with the same features as you out there, creating an app for your business means it has to be unique if you wish to stand out.

Making an Android (IOS) app means a powerful marketing channel

Have you heard of Duolingo, one of the most famous education apps ever? Their app is one of the great case studies of why you should create an app for your business. Their marketing strategy on the mobile app is very unique and stands out as the “creepy green owl” keeps reminding you to come back to their app. Duolingo is very famous for its weird, funny, scary but working marketing strategy. What are their secrets? Well, you will need to start making an android (IOS) app first, so you can have a channel to deliver your business message to your beloved customer. By using a mobile app as one of the major marketing channels, Duolingo's revenue rose 129% to $161.7 million in fiscal 2020. Another surprising fact is that they did it without adding any ads on their mobile app. Their marketing strategy keeps users engaged and as a result, revenue is raised like a rocket.

Digital Marketing is changing the way we shop and use services, so it is never a loss when having a powerful digital marketing channel as an app.


Building an app from scratch might seem like a tough process, but in the long run, you will definitely see the worth of it. The mobile phone market is growing stronger every year so you better catch up and have a mobile app for your business before it's too late. If you are falling behind and don’t know how to start designing an app from scratch, why don't you start drawing your future with us? Every company is striving to catch up in a race where digital products have shown their indispensability more than ever after the pandemic. At Capi, we design mobile apps with a unique UI and focus on User Experience that will make you stand out from the crowd so you don’t have to worry about being left behind.

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