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In January 2021, Namaa - the CEO of Besties & Chocolate Inc approached us with the hope of redesigning the Girltelligence app when it faced troubles maintaining and attracting users.
Fast forward to March 2021, what our client received was not simply a prettier re-designer version of their product.It was an incredible community app with user interface precisely tailored to its user and improved user experience that increase community engagement.


About one year after its launch, Girltelligence encountered difficulties recruiting new users while receiving negative feedback from existing ones.

Self-diagnosing her own business led Naama to believe that unattractive user interface and poor user experience were the problems.
She also concluded that the solution would be re-designing the mobile app from start to finish.

In addition to that, due to the terrible experience that Naama had with the previous UX agency, she is forcedto come up with the new product within two months for fundraising, an uncommonly and extremely short amount of time for a proper redesign of an entire mobile app.


With a determination to help the client solve her ultimate problem, we didn’t immediately say yes to her pre-determined solution. Instead, we took her concerninto our own hands and tried to work out the best possible solution for her:
Since the existing users have already gotten used to the current user flow, it would be unwise to force them to adapt to a completely new flow.

Combining this with the rushed time requirement, it is clear that a revised and improved user flow would be the perfect answer.

To satisfy both new and existing users, we suggest focusing primarily on the preferences and tendencies of the target users. We accomplish this by gathering more than 20 existing and potential users who would participate in multiple surveys throughout our process.  

Not only surprised that we were not desperate to please her in fear of losing the project, Naama were also delighted to hear the analysis from a designer’s perspective. In the end, she agreed to let us accompany her in this project despite her previous experience with another foreign design agency.


We divided the design process into 4 stages within 6 weeks: Discover, Ideate & Concept, Design & Test and Delivery.
01/ Discover
We started the discovery process by experiencing the app ourselves and then go through users’ reviews of the app. Through this step we were able to get valuable contextual feedback on the real experience of a user.
These feedbacks either validate or eliminate some of our initial hypotheses while providing insightful opinions for our design strategy. In the end, we have identified some of the most significant problems regarding the wireframe and user flow of the old design and were ready to finally transform Girltelligence’s user interface and experience
02/ Ideate & Concepting
This stage mainly focused on improving the existing user flow and wireframes while incorporating the new features in them.
We conducted a survey to thoroughly understand the users’ feelings and tendencies, thus determine the new features’ feasibility.
After making sure of Girltelligence users’ approval for these features, we went ahead and built a new user flow. This new user flow were created to elevate the user journey and reduces time to value with interactive walkthroughs, personalized onboarding experience and minimized friction points.
By the end of the second stage, we had in our hands the new Girltelligence’s wireframe. Our team were able to finalize this newly-built wireframe after multiple rounds of gathering users’ feedback and then fixing flaws detected.
03/ Design & Test
Our team designed a UI style guide with design components tailored to Girltelligence’s users by conducting several surveys throughout the design process.
We also focused on solidifying Girltelligence’s brand personality with design options that support and complement its branding concepts.
Using the color psychology and results from the user surveys, we were able to choose two color themes that can be easily changed by the users based on their liking: the youth and innocence feeling or the mystical and attractive one.
An elegant serif typeface named Cormorant was selected as the primary typeface by reflecting on the personality of Girltelligence.
Moreover, we understand that sharing pictures and videos has become a common practice in any online community nowadays. We have purposefully used photos/ videos with different quality in several UI testing rounds to ensure the interface’s overall aesthetic in different situations.
We went through several revisions to design the captivating and pleasing hand-drawn illustrations used in the app and made certain that the final result would be to the taste of Girltelligence’s surveyed users.
For the usability test, we agreed to create a coded high-fidelity prototype, the best prototype for obtaining user feedback since it is more aesthetically pleasing and has a function closer to that of the final product.
Through the usability testing, we have successfully won the heart of the business owner and the users with more than 80% of users giving the prototype positive feedback. Nonetheless, we were able to detect some new areas of improvement and addressed them quickly before the delivery
04/ Delivery
Our team got together to prepare the final design report that documents the process and outcomes of the project for our client.
Finally, the final design file was handed over on time to our client on 2021, concluding our one and a half month of incredibly hard work.
"We had the pleasure to work with Capi to redesign our app, Girltelligence, an app that was created to support and empower GenZ women. The whole team at Capi was very responsive and wonderful to work with. They did not only listen to our ideas and wishes but also to our existing users and potential ones to create an app that suited our target clients (teen girls and young women) perfectly! We had the chance to work with a lovely and talented lead designer who had a lot of great ideas on how to make our app inviting and fun for young women to use. Communication was smooth and timely and the design turned out beautiful! We are looking forward to working with them again!"  

Naama Barnea - The CEO of Girltelligence

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